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    1Brad GuzanFlag U.S.A.1984Goalkeeper1.93 m
    13Jed SteerFlag England1992Goalkeeper1.88 m
    31Mark BunnFlag England1984Goalkeeper1.82 m
    Pierluigi GolliniFlag Italy1995Goalkeeper1.88 m
    2Nathan BakerFlag England1991Defender1.91 m
    3Joe BennettFlag England1990Defender1.76 m
    4Micah RichardsFlag England1988Defender1.80 m
    5Jores OkoreFlag Denmark1992Defender1.83 m
    6Ciaran ClarkFlag Rep. Ireland1989Defender1.88 m
    16Joleon LescottFlag England1982Defender1.87 m
    21Alan HuttonFlag Scotland1984Defender1.85 m
    23Jordan AmaviFlag France1994Defender1.76 m
    43Aly CissokhoFlag France1987Defender1.81 m
    46Kevin TonerFlag Rep. Ireland1996Defender1.80 m
    Tommy ElphickFlag England1987Defender1.87 m
    7Leandro BacunaFlag Curaçao1991Midfield1.87 m
    8Idrissa GueyeFlag Senegal1989Midfield1.74 m
    15Ashley WestwoodFlag England1990Midfield1.70 m
    17Jordan VeretoutFlag France1993Midfield1.76 m
    22Gary GardnerFlag England1992Midfield1.86 m
    24Carlos SánchezFlag Colombia1986Midfield1.82 m
    38Jordan LydenFlag Australia1997Midfield1.75 m
    40Jack GrealishFlag England1995Midfield1.75 m
    Aaron TshibolaFlag England1995Midfield1.90 m
    9Scott SinclairFlag England1989Forward1.77 m
    11Gabriel AgbonlahorFlag England1986Forward1.80 m
    19Jordan AyewFlag Ghana1991Forward1.82 m
    20Adama TraoréFlag Spain1996Forward1.78 m
    27Libor KozákFlag Czech Rep.1989Forward1.93 m
    29Rushian Hepburn-MurphyFlag England1998Forward1.78 m
    30André GreenFlag England1998Forward1.80 m
    39Rudy GestedeFlag Benin1988Forward1.93 m

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