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Giovani TiepoFlag Brazil1998Goalkeeper1.83 m
Elias CurzelFlag Brazil1995Goalkeeper1.88 m
Luiz FelipeFlag Brazil1996Goalkeeper1.86 m
Jandrei Chitolina CarnielFlag Brazil1993Goalkeeper1.86 m
Gabriel BusanelloFlag Brazil1998Defender1.79 m
Luiz OtávioFlag Brazil1992Defender1.94 m
Vinícius Szeuczuk RibeiroFlag Brazil1997Defender1.91 m
HiagoFlag Brazil1997Defender1.91 m
Joao PedroFlag Brazil1996Defender1.80 m
Emilio ZeballosFlag Uruguay1992Defender1.85 m
RobertoFlag Brazil1990Defender1.76 m
Fabrício BrunoFlag Brazil1996Defender1.92 m
Luís ApodiFlag Brazil1986Defender1.74 m
Victor RamosFlag Brazil1989Defender1.91 m
Diego RenanFlag Brazil1990Defender1.72 m
Hélio NetoFlag Brazil1985Defender1.95 m
Douglas BacelarFlag Brazil1990Defender1.90 m
Douglas GrolliFlag Brazil1989Defender1.89 m
Vinícius FreitasFlag Brazil1993Defender1.83 m
Alan RuschelFlag Brazil1989Defender1.75 m
Odair NenémFlag Brazil1982Midfield1.74 m
NadsonFlag Brazil1989Midfield1.71 m
Luiz AntônioFlag Brazil1991Midfield1.84 m
Héctor CanterosFlag Argentina1989Midfield1.76 m
Márcio AraújoFlag Brazil1984Midfield1.72 m
Luis SeijasFlag Venezuela1986Midfield1.74 m
Willian AmaralFlag Brazil1986Midfield1.82 m
Elicarlos Souza SantosFlag Brazil1985Midfield1.74 m
Raphael DodôFlag Brazil1994Midfield1.76 m
Lucas MarquesFlag Brazil1995Midfield1.76 m
Moisés GaúchoFlag Brazil1994Midfield1.80 m
Moises RibeiroFlag Brazil1991Midfield1.79 m
Guilherme LimaFlag Brazil1999Midfield1.73 m
Lucas MineiroFlag Brazil1996Midfield1.73 m
Khevin Rodrigo FragaFlag Brazil1997Midfield 
Rodrigo PelezinhoFlag Brazil1995Forward1.71 m
Júlio CésarFlag Brazil1994Forward1.72 m
Pedro PerottiFlag Brazil1997Forward1.86 m
Bryan Borges MascarenhasFlag Brazil1996Forward1.76 m
OsmanFlag Brazil1992Forward1.79 m
Wellington PaulistaFlag Brazil1983Forward1.83 m
Fernando GuerreroFlag Ecuador1989Forward1.70 m
ArthurFlag Brazil1992Forward1.76 m

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