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1Tomás DursoFlag Argentina1999Goalkeeper1.85 m
13Camilo VelozFlag Argentina1997Goalkeeper1.86 m
31Alexis Martín AriasFlag Argentina1992Goalkeeper1.85 m
4Facundo OrejaFlag Argentina1982Defender1.69 m
6Ezequiel BonifacioFlag Argentina1994Defender1.69 m
16Nicolás BenavidezFlag Argentina1992Defender1.72 m
20Omar AldereteFlag Paraguay1996Defender1.87 m
23Maximiliano CoronelFlag Argentina1989Defender1.80 m
25Lucas LichtFlag Argentina1981Defender1.74 m
28Manuel GuaniniFlag Argentina1996Defender1.91 m
32Matías MellusoFlag Argentina1998Defender1.78 m
35Nicolás OrtizFlag Argentina1995Defender1.88 m
5Juan SilvaFlag Argentina1997Midfield1.78 m
8Lorenzo FaravelliFlag Argentina1993Midfield1.71 m
10Brahian AlemánFlag Uruguay1989Midfield1.76 m
11Nicolás ColazoFlag Argentina1990Midfield1.75 m
14Agustín BolívarFlag Argentina1996Midfield1.73 m
21Fabián RinaudoFlag Argentina1987Midfield1.76 m
27Patricio MontiFlag Argentina1998Midfield 
34Matías NobleFlag Argentina1996Midfield1.75 m
36Enzo MartínezFlag Argentina1996Midfield1.78 m
38Luciano PerdomoFlag Argentina1996Midfield1.84 m
7Erik RamírezFlag Argentina1996Forward1.70 m
9Jerónimo BarralesFlag Argentina1987Forward1.86 m
17Lautaro ChávezFlag Argentina2001Forward1.70 m
19Facundo PereyraFlag Argentina1987Forward1.72 m
22Franco NiellFlag Argentina1983Forward1.62 m
29Lucas CalderonFlag Argentina1998Forward 
30Nicolás DibbleFlag Uruguay1994Forward1.76 m
40Leandro ContínFlag Argentina1995Forward1.83 m
Matías GómezFlag Argentina1998Forward 

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