What is a sure bet?

When people search for a sure bet, they want a bet that is guaranteed to win. Unfortunately in betting, there is never a guarantee on who the victor will be. However by making selections with the shortest odds, you are far more likely to win that bet.

How to win at betting?

There is no specific formula to beat the bookmakers, but it is true that betting is a numbers game, and it’s essential to try and find an edge over the bookmaker. We recommend using the predictions by Turboscores as a guide to help you rather than going directly to a bookmaker site. There are of course no guarantees when it comes to winning a bet. Our advice would be to do your research, follow trusted tipster sites for guidance, compare the odds from different bookmakers and go with the biggest odds on offer for your chosen bet, rather than simply going direct to a bookmaker. Finally and most importantly, bet responsibly and within your means. Set a budget for how much you can afford to bet and don’t try to chase if you are losing.

What is a value bet?

If you believe that there is a higher percentage chance or probability of an event outcome happening than the odds imply, then this is also known as value. Sometimes bookmakers will price an event outcome incorrectly, either too high or too low. If the odds are higher than they should be, then there may be an opportunity to place a value bet.

What bets are most popular?

There are so many different betting markets and types of bets you can place these days. Turboscores users like to place accumulators or multi-bets, typically on the win draw win (1x2) market. Because accumulator bets will have multiple selections, the odds are typically bigger, which makes it harder to win. Remember, with an accumulator, all of your selections must be correct for you to win.

How many teams do bettors put in their accumulator bets?

An accumulator is one bet on multiple betting selections. Accumulator bets will vary in size depending on the motivation of the bettor. Some will be less risk averse and add less teams with typically shorter odds. Others will look to add more teams to get big odds. These odds can really vary in size, sometimes these can be 10 odds, 100 odds or even higher.