SCR Altach Squad 2022 - 2023

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13Tino CasaliFlag Austria1995Goalkeeper1.91 m
31Armin GremslFlag Austria1994Goalkeeper1.85 m
32Jakob OdehnalFlag Austria2001Goalkeeper1.95 m
Andreas JungdalFlag Denmark2002Goalkeeper1.91 m
4Felix StraussFlag Austria2001Defender1.86 m
5Lukas GugganigFlag Austria1995Defender1.91 m
6Pape N'DiayeFlag France1998Defender2.01 m
14Samuel MischitzFlag Austria2003Defender1.70 m
16Emanuel SchreinerFlag Austria1989Defender1.79 m
17Nosa EdokpolorFlag Nigeria1996Defender1.78 m
18Jan ZwischenbruggerFlag Austria1990Defender1.87 m
26Emre YabantasFlag Austria2004Defender1.80 m
34Manuel ThurnwaldFlag Austria1998Defender1.72 m
19Sebastian AignerFlag Austria2001Midfielder1.80 m
20Johannes TartarottiFlag Austria1999Midfielder1.75 m
23Lukas JägerFlag Austria1994Midfielder1.84 m
27Stefan HaudumFlag Austria1994Midfielder1.89 m
29Alexis TibidiFlag France2003Midfielder1.87 m
42Bakary NimagaFlag Mali1994Midfielder1.89 m
Mike-Steven BähreFlag Germany1995Midfielder1.77 m
7Noah BischofFlag Austria2002Forward1.85 m
9Atdhe NuhiuFlag Kosovo1989Forward1.96 m
10Dominik ReiterFlag Austria1998Forward1.73 m
11Csaba BuktaFlag Hungary2001Forward1.76 m
21Damian MaksimovicFlag Austria2004Forward1.82 m
22Amir AbdijanovicFlag Austria2001Forward1.80 m
28Jan JurčecFlag Croatia2000Forward1.77 m
37Ronny RikalFlag Austria2002Forward1.85 m

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